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The Kitchen Idea Book (Idea Book)
by Joanne Kellar Bouknight (Paperback) To many families, the kitchen is more than a place where food is cooked and eaten. It's where parties begin and end, homework is done, pets are fed, bills are paid, and secrets are told over endless cups of coffee. Everyone's got a different dream kitchen, whether it's a serene Arts & Crafts-style kitchen, a bustling farmhouse kitchen, or an up-to-the-minute gourmet kitchen with hand-selected granite countertops and professional-level appliances. The nice thing about The Kitchen Idea Book is its accessibility: it doesn't assume a particular budget level, layout, style, or set of functions, but offers a wealth of ideas to suit every taste and pocketbook. Even better, it gives the would-be kitchen remodeler a vocabulary to use in designing and outfitting his or her own dream kitchen. With detailed sections on overall design, cabinets, shelves and pantries, countertops and backsplashes, appliances and sinks, lighting, floors, walls, and ceilings, it covers far more than the basics. Its sharp photography and "For More Information" section are the icing on the cake--this is the book to have for planning a new or remodeled kitchen.
The Complete Guide to Kitchen Design With Cooking in Mind
by Donald E. Silvers, John Reister (Illustrator) (Paperback) The Complete Guide To Kitchen Design With Cooking In Mind is the first complete guide to kitchen design from the perspective of cooking. As the only book of the non-specialist, ordinary homeowner who wants a kitchen that is beautiful and that cooks beautifully, it takes the most complex room in the home and addresses its function as well as its form. The Complete Guide To Kitchen Design With Cooking In Mind surveys balancing a construction budget; how bad design can limit your cooking pleasure; the "kitchen triangle" (what it is and why it doesn't work); appliances; counter space; storage; the "second sink" (how it can double your cooking capacity); posts, pans and knives; identifying all your needs through a "kitchen questionnaire"; and how to increase the fun and joy of the cooking experience through a properly designed kitchen
Our Pick! Best Kitchen Book Of The Month!

Great Kitchens: Design Ideas from America's Top Chefs
by Ellen Whitaker, et al (Paperback) Lavishly illustrated walk-through of 26 fabulous kitchens in the homes of some of America's best chefs. Great Kitchens is a multifunction book. You can leave it open on a coffee table as a piece of publishing art. You can use it to launch your daydreams. But most of all, you can use it to learn from the mistakes and successes of others, and gain insight from a lot of very practical information.

Kitchens That Work: The Practical Guide to Creating a Great Kitchen
by Martin Edic, Richard Edic (Paperback - October 1999) The kitchen is the social center of the home - a place for eating, a place for working, and a place to organize everything from spices to household finances. Because kitchens serve so many different needs, creating a new kitchen that not only serves these many needs but works well is a major challenge.Featuring over 200 color photos, illustrations, and charts, Kitchens That Work uses a lifestyle design model to guide the reader through the complex process of designing and creating a great kitchen - one that works for everyone living in the house. The book guides the reader through each step of the process, from initial planning through the many material and design choices made along the way. Especially helpful is the unique insider's perspective on finding, evaluating, and managing kitchen contractors
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